Action Implementation Plan – a two page template

This is a simple one page (two-sided) form to help small groups to document a plan to get something done.

Sections included in the form are:

  • Name for the plan
  • Desired results to be achieved and strategies to
    be used
  • Key strengths, challenges, opportunities and
    threats (aka a SWOT analysis)
  • Contact information for team members
  • Timeline of important tasks and major milestones

This simple template can help focus ad-hoc teams and give concrete outcomes to open space conferences. I hope you find it useful!

Download the Action Implementation Plan form PDF_v1 (PDF)

Dotmocracy at BikeCamp

BikeCamp Toronto logoThis Saturday, October 17th, I will be assisting renowned facilitator Daniel Rose from Omakase Group to apply Dotmocracy at the first Toronto BikeCamp hosted by the Toronto Cyclists Union. This one day event is a series of simultaneous participant led/generated workshops – all
related to various aspects of cycling, and the politics of cycling
advocacy in Toronto. Following two Open Space sessions Dotmocracy will be used to collaboratively recognize which actions the union wishes to to take. Time will then be provided for breakout groups to plan next steps for each action. I anticipate this to be a very fun and prodoctive event.