Jason Diceman - Public Consultation Professional

Jason Diceman is a professional meeting facilitator and public participation expert.

He leads the planning and implementation of large multi-stakeholder collaborative workshops that lead to clear outputs, and the design and management of affordable and productive community engagement processes.  

Since 2010, Jason has held the full time position of Senior Public Consultation Coordinator for the City of Toronto. He has lead public consultations for some of the City’s most controversial and high profile infrastructure studies, including downtown separated bike lane installations, the redesign of Front Street at Union Station, new roads and bridges in Liberty Village, contentious multi-use trails, and the Gardiner Expressway financing.

In 2004, Jason Diceman invented idea rating sheets (originally called “Dotmocracy Sheets”). These simple paper based tools make it easy to find agreements among large numbers of people, both within and outsude of meetings.  Idea rating sheets are now used by hundreds of meeting facilitators in over 33 different countries, in more than 15 different languages.

In 2016 Diceman is releasing a new invention: a non-electronic hardware tool for large group decision making, called Feedback Frames.


Jason has researched consensus cultures in eco-villages in Denmark and spent six months in Venezuela investigating their communal council local participatory democracy system.  He is a mentor through the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and is often invited to give workshops and present at conferences. A sample of some speaking engagements include:



  • Master of Arts, Design for Interaction, University of Westminster (UK), 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Radio and Television, Ryerson University, 2001


  • National Issues Forums Moderator, 2007

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Toronto, Canada







FeedbackFrames.com - (New Invention) group decision making tool


IdeaRatingSheets.org - Facilitators resource site.



Dot-voting VS. Idea Rating Sheets (slideshow)
A visual comparison of the two facilitation techniques. Over 34,000 views on SlidesShare. Sept. 2014


Idea Rating Sheets Facilitators Handbook
An easy to read facilitators guide to using idea rating sheets for large group decision making. 2014


Citizens' Assemblies: Wise Democracy from the Minipublic
One of many articles for WorldChanging.com. September 2008


Why I'm in Venezuela Where Mob Rule is the Law
An article in  Bonfire magazine (International Institute for Facilitation and Change). May 2007

Choosing Open Source: A guide for civil society organizations
Co-authored with Mark Surman. January 2004

Ideal Public Discourse Technology (PDF)
130 pages on how to critique and design mass communication technology to support democracy. Thesis paper. April 2001

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