Collections of Engagement Techniques


Beyond the short list of techniques suggested in the Co-op Tools List, there are a wide array of popular and proven methods for engaging citizens in public policy development or members in organization change. Here are some of the best resource collections for learning more about the various approaches. All are free to access online, unless stated otherwise.

People & Participation Methods Database
Detailed descriptions of over 30 participatory methods including their strengths and weaknesses. (Involve, UK)

The Health Canada Policy Toolkit for Public Involvement in Decision Making
A complete toolkit with guidelines, about 50 techniques described in concise details and with useful suggestions and also case studies and references. An excellent free resource.

Quantum Governance Toolkit
Concise lists of descriptions and resources for planning and managing governance dialogue. (Institute of Public Administration of Canada's Centre for Governance Dialogue)

Urban Research Program / Citizen Science Toolbox
Over 60 community involvement tools, many case studies and with useful searching tools. (Coastal Cooperative Research Centre, Australia)

Dialogue and Deliberation Models and Techniques
Over 400 resources on about 25 different approaches. (National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, USA)

Co-Intelligent Practices, Approaches, Processes and Organizations
Over 50 items listed with many links to related resources.

The Change Handbook
A textbook that summarizes and compares 60 of the most popular methods (for purchase).