The Ultimate Meeting Logistics Checklist

Meeting logistics are all the details that help a meeting go well, beyond who is invited, the agenda, facilitator and content.  A good logistics plan describes information such as:

  • room set-up, including numbers of chairs, tables, flip-charts, etc.
  • items for the registration table
  • materials for break-out groups and activities
  • audio/video system requirements
  • catering and refreshments

…and who is responsible for which items. 

This form I provide includes over 40 checklist items and useful responsibility and contact references. This free 2 page template is in Microsoft Word DOC file format, so you can easily customize and fill-in the information that relates to your specific meeting needs. 


DOWNLOAD: Meeting_Logistics_Checklist_v04.doc


The items I have included cover almost everything you could imagine wanting to bring.  Just delete those you don't need and add items unique to your meeting. If you can think of other general items you think should be on the list, please post a comment below to let me know.

(Thanks to LURA Consulting who provided the original example template this checklist was based on)


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