Who is doing similar work?

It's nice to know that there are many other people out there doing similar and related work to myself. Following is a list organizations and people who provide concrete methods for conducting large group consensus decision-making, deliberative democracy and various models of flat organizing and participatory governance. This list is helpful for recognizing and orienting how my work fits in this emerging sector.

I specifically include organizations that have a strong emphasis on offline solutions (i.e. not Internet dependent) although they may use some web services and high-end technology.

In priority of similarity to my ideal...

Mass is an amazing new little firm in Toronto that is has turned Citizen Assemblies for government in to a deliverable service.  

Provide a complete solution for deliberative democracy where hundreds of
citizens participate in "21st Century Town Meetings". (USA)


Consultants who specialises in running public and stakeholder engagement processes, using online, paper-based and face-to-face methods. (UK)

They provide leading edge tools for online digital democracy. They have many successful projects of various scales are definitely worth following. (UK)

Consultants on democratic workplaces.

Consulting and service providers for public consultation processes. (Canada)

Online and offline tools and facilitation. (USA)

Great consensus group decision-making consultant Craig Freshley also privdes free materials.

Larry Dressler is another consensus consultant. There are many international consultants that provide materials and training in consensus processes, although they all tend to focus on small groups (under 20) while the Co-op Tools Dotmocracy process is designed for larger groups of over 50.

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation
This association defines the democracy sector within North American (USA).

Resources and consulting on community engagement processes.(Canada)

The Community Planning Handbook
An excellent resource for conducting citizen consultation and engagement into neighbourhood development.

International network of change consultants.

Think tank devoted to studying and improving high-performance collaboration.

Deliberative Polling
James S. Fishkin has defined a technique that combines polling and deliberation to recognize informed public opinions.

Provide workbooks for team development. The focus is on smaller groups in traditional business stuctures.

Electronic audience polling technology.

Expensive online syncronous group decision-making software.

Another expensive online group decision-making and collaboration service.

This list is incomplete and in progress. I'd appreciate suggestions for who else to add.