Write it down and share it.

Information is power. When you write down information and share it your are sharing that power. When you document and share details of decisions, plans, results and other aspects of organization activities you are creating transparency for collective oversight and understanding for cooperation. Common important documents include:

  • Organization's mission, goals and objectives.

  • By-laws and policies.

Committee Report Template

Committees are often required to report their progress to the board, executives and/or to the larger group. While such a report may be presented orally at meetings, it is often recommended, if not required, to also publish a report in print format. Below is a suggested format for such a committee report.

The number of items and depth of detail depends on the nature of the committee and the issues being addressed. In general, it is a good idea to keep points of information short for easy review, with additional information available through a committee contact.

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