Town Hall Meetings Fail

Town Hall Meeting

In my professional opinion, a town hall meeting where people determine long term infrastructure decisions by popular vote, is not a recommend public engagement process, because:

Workshop Plan - The Ultimate Meeting Logistics Checklist

Workshop logistics checklist template

A good meeting logistics plan describes information such as:

Conduct Better Meetings

Within the many meetings required within a democratic organization it is possible for some speakers to dominate by the way they speak. The tone, volume, pacing and kind of language used in a discussion can greatly affect the results and outcomes. Some aggressive characters can cause others to feel insulted, pressured or silenced. Many conflicts, misguided priorities and poor communication can be avoided if people can recognize the problems in their speech habits and work towards more fair and respectful forms of talk.

Tips for Productive Meetings

Meetings are a standard part of every organization, but they often feel too long and end without clear or useful results. Below are a few tips that I hope you will find helpful for making your next meeting more productive.

Consensus Decision-Making Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of key terms often used to discuss the facilitation of consensus decision-making meetings.

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