Workshop Plan - The Ultimate Meeting Logistics Checklist

Workshop logistics checklist template

A good meeting logistics plan describes information such as:

Action Implementation Plan - a two page template

For BikeCamp TO I created a simple one page (two-sided) form to help small groups to document a plan to get something done.

Sections included in the form are:

  • Name for the plan
  • Desired results to be achieved and strategies to be used
  • Key strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats (aka a SWOT analysis)
  • Contact information for team members
  • Timeline of important tasks and major milestones

This simple template can help focus ad-hoc teams and give concrete outcomes to open space conferences. I hope you find it useful!

Download the Action Implementation Plan form (PDF)


Project Charter Templates

Project charters define how a team will collaborate to achieve its goals. Below are a few examples of headings in typical project charters.


Project Charter Elements - from USDA template

  • Purpose of the charter

  • Project objective
  • Summary Scope Statement

  • Project Authority

  • Project Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Terms of Reference Template

It is a good idea that each committee of an organisation (AKA team, working group or sub-group) be clearly defined in writing. This promotes understanding of who is in the group, what they aim to achieve, and how they intend to go about doing it. Below is a basic template of what such a committee charter or definition sheet might include for you to customise.

Committee Report Template

Committees are often required to report their progress to the board, executives and/or to the larger group. While such a report may be presented orally at meetings, it is often recommended, if not required, to also publish a report in print format. Below is a suggested format for such a committee report.

The number of items and depth of detail depends on the nature of the committee and the issues being addressed. In general, it is a good idea to keep points of information short for easy review, with additional information available through a committee contact.

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