A Review of “Collaboration: What Makes it Work” 2nd Edition

Understand the 20 factors influencing the success of collaboration between community organizations.

Collaboration: What Makes It Work, 2nd Ed.
Co-Authors: Paul W. Mattessich, Marta Murray-Close, Barbara R. Monsey
Publisher: Fieldstone Alliance
ISBN: 978-0-940069-32-9

The heart of this 75 page report are two chapters that describes the twenty factors that have repeatedly proven to have influence on the potential success of a collaboration between multiple organizations, defined as “The Wilder Collaboration Factors”. Outside of these twenty pages the content is mostly contextual information and academic details, save the Factors Inventory survey (PDF) which could be useful for diagnosing potential strengths and challenges in a collaboration.

This text was first published in 1992 and has ever since been referenced by many academics and practitioners in the field of organizational collaboration. The research base comes from 22 selected studies of collaboration between community groups, not-for-profits, and state institutions mostly, if not exclusively, in the USA and Britain.

If you are an academic working in this field than this should definitely be in your collection and will probably find its way in to many of your bibliographies. If you are an organization leader or consultant working to conduct effective collaborations than you may find the detailed descriptions of the 20 factors useful, but if your budget is limited you would be better served with the “Collaboration Handbook” (see my review) which includes a one page summary of the 20 Success Factors along with 170 other pages of insight, instructions, advice and templates.

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